Ross and Natalie met over fifteen years ago in high school as friends but it wasn’t until 2015 that the two repurposed their friendship into a relationship (after a fortuitous Tinder encounter with a long lost friend) .


Nat & Ross’ high school graduation

The two both traveled extensively on their own (and with their families) but since both of them work traditional nine to five jobs (let’s be real sometimes eight to eight jobs), most of their travel in the last two years was to see each other. Natalie worked as a publicist for food & wine PR agency in San Francisco and Ross worked as a lawyer in Newport Beach (about a seven hour commute via car or an hour flight).


Nat and Ross not sure if they would make the trip home from Australia after Ross tore his ACL and standby aisle seats were hard to come by. 

Their long distance relationship survived through standby flights. Natalie came from a family of commercial aviators, which made this trip possible to do! Her mom and dad both worked for United  so Ross and Natalie will be flying all of the international legs of the trip standby. If there is a seat, they will get on, if not, they’ll have to wait until the next day or week to fly.


Bill – Nat’s dad – a pilot for over 60 years.


Tina – Nat’s mom – a flight attendant for over 35 years.

There is also a pilot in Ross’ family. Cindy, his mom has been a private pilot for four years.


Cindy and Greg (Ross’ mom and dad).

This trip will be a different kind of trip for both Ross & Natalie – longer than any other trip that Natalie has ever taken and more rugged than any trip that Ross has been on.


Nat on a solo trip to Belize 


Ross in Kyoto, Japan

It only seemed fitting that we would start our year long journey near our two year anniversary of dating. We can’t wait to share our adventure with you and hopefully some silliness, travel inspiration and fun along the way!


Ross & Nat


Travel tip #1 don’t ever look this American while traveling in third world countries!

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