Barfing in Bagan 

After saying goodbye to most of our new friends in Inle Lake besides Stephenie, we boarded another night bus (we still have no idea why all night busses leave as early as possible and no matter what destination, arrive as early as possible – most of our night buses in Myanmar arrived at 4am at … More Barfing in Bagan 


  Before Phuket we had been very lucky to avoid scams, hecklers and people selling things. Phuket made us realize how lucky we had been for the whole trip. After disembarking the ferry, we were bombarded with ten or more taxi drivers asking us if we wanted a ride. We looked up our hostel, Bloo … More Ph-u-Phuket

Singapore – a clean “happy happy” platform with many rules

  After a pleasant 17 hour journey on the Dreamliner, we landed in Singapore to find ourselves in a beautiful, clean and lush airport (the airport had everything from water features to tropical foliage and not to mention a Victoria Secret, just in case you needed to do any last minute lingerie buying before flying … More Singapore – a clean “happy happy” platform with many rules